Since lockdown we’ve all had to find new ways to exercise. With gyms closed and surfing not on the cards, we are turning a lot more to home workouts and heading out for a run. We’ve put together a circuit session designed especially with surfers in mind. Set to work the whole body and each muscle group, get in shape to hit the waves post lockdown.

To start your circuit session warm up. We like to go for a light run, but if you’re restricted to the house then do some jogging on the spot, some jumping jacks and make sure you are properly stretched. Make sure you refer to exercise ‘how to’s’ online if you are unsure about any of the following exercises. Remember to exercise safely.

1. Push ups

3 sets of 20

2. Burpees

3 sets of 20

3. Squats

3 sets of 20

4. Lunges

3 sets of 20

5. Walkouts

3 sets of 10

6. Scissor kicks

3 sets of 30 seconds

7. Plank

3 sets of 2 minutes

8. Russian Twists

3 sets of 30 seconds

You could use something weighted to maximise the exercise (could be a bag of flour).

Once you have finished your circuit session, you need to cool down and properly stretch out. You could look to our yoga for surfers some great stretches.

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