Many of us are lucky to call Cornwall home. And, for those that don’t, if you’re reading this, then we’re pretty sure you know the attraction to Cornwall. However, as much as you love Cornwall, how well do you know Cornwall? We’ve gathered some facts about this beautiful place and devised a quiz to put your knowledge to the test. Let’s see how you do….

Firstly, lets learn something new about Cornwall:

Why not put your knowledge to the test with our quiz. Or you could incorporate our questions into your very own quiz, for a Cornish round.

1.In 2002 the Eden Project was a location for which Bond movie?

A. Casino Royale  | B. Die Another Day   |  C. Skyfall

2. Name this beach

A. Fistral

B. St Ives

C. Polzeath

3.What is the population of Cornwall?

A. 437,472    |    B. 565,968    |    C. 958,565

4.What is the longest river in Cornwall?

A. Tamar    |    B. Camel    |    C. Fowey

5.What main Cornish Pasty filling are we missing? Beef, Potato, Onion.

A. Parsnip     |    B. Sweet Potato    |    C. Swede

6.Approximately how long is the Cornish coastline?

A. 400 miles    |    B. 375 miles    |    C. 620 miles

7.Who is the Cornish Patron Saint of tin mining?

A. St Tudy    |    B. St Piran     |    C. St Austell

8.What date is St Piran’s Day?

A. 5th March    |    B. 25th March     |    C. 5th June

9.In the 1900’s how much of the worlds tin came from Cornwall?

A. ¼     |    B. ¾     |    C. ½

Answers: B,C,B,A,C,A,B,A,C

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