Spring/Summer 20 was a journey, we went from looking forward to endless days out and catch-up with friends to embracing loungewear as our daily uniform. The heatwaves allowed us to enjoy staycations in our shorts, even if we just ventured to the garden. With the change in weather and autumn in full swing we hope that it brings us more chances to wear our favourite purchases and embrace fashion outside of loungewear.

For autumn and winter we see 90’s continue to be the main influence. We’re not talking full Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, but certainly a nod to them. Alongside the 90’s, outdoor adventure brands are set to take centre stage, layers to ensure we can continue to enjoy the outside whatever the weather. Whilst we embrace the 90’s, surf fashion has given a nod to it’s heritage with a retro revival. We’re talking print tees, Hawaiian influences and classic tones. Our final trend needs little introduction as it has continued to dominate, Street skate wear, is not just a trend it’s a lifestyle.

Adventure Wear

As we head towards winter we can’t be naïve to the true nature of a British winter.  But just because the elements don’t always play ball, it doesn’t mean we can’t still be out and about making the most of 2020, because let’s be honest, we’ve got a lot to make up for this year. With brands like Columbia and Picture, embracing winter has never been more stylish. Throw on your Timberlands, wrap up warm and explore Cornwall.

Street skate wear transcends the sport itself. It is not just a style it’s a way of life. With a 90’s influence, oversized is the only way to go. Bold graphic prints tees from your favourite skate brands such as Vans, Santa Cruz, Dickies and Nike SB, are being layered. Pair this with your favourite workpants from Dickies, a pair of Vans or Nike’s and not forgetting your Stance socks and you’ve cracked skate style.


The 90’s trend continues, instead of the skinny jeans of yesteryears we instead embrace straight leg and flared. Trainers continue to be the ultimate accessory, with Old Skool Vans and Nike SB topping the charts. When it comes to tops, the lockdown tie-dye makes a revival, because who didn’t try their hand at making their own, right?

Paired with bright neon’s and geometric prints, autumn isn’t looking dull. Completed with white Dr Martens and bucket hats and we might as well be back in the 90’s.

Retro Revival

Retro revival continues over from summer, the ultimate nod to surfing heritage we are seeing your favourite brands turn to faded logos, vintage shades and classic cuts. The themes offer a throwback to early surf culture, whether this is Cali, Hawaii or UK based.  With a retro colour pallet on offering alongside printed tees and hoodies, it’s easy to feel nostalgic about these collections.

Columbia are passionate about the outdoors, whether you’re exploring lush forests, snow-covered mountains or the rugged coastline. Pioneers in outdoor wear, we’re excited to put this brand to the test in Cornwall, whether that’s layering up in their element battling jackets or staying cosy in Columbia’s Sherpa hoody.

The latest surf brand to our roster, Katin’s humble roots lead all the way back to 1950’s California, and boasts a story that starts with boat covers and rises with the pinnacle of Cali surfing. Having been approached by a young surfer for a bespoke pair of shorts, using the same durable canvas as the boat covers. The teenager’s name was Corky Carroll, who unbeknownst to the brand, would go on to be one of the world’s first professional surfers. The custom surf trunks made for Corky would become one of California’s first surf trunks and lead the brand to firm its place in surf wear.

Picture Organic Clothing was born from a combined passion for snowboard/skateboarding and environmental responsibility. Picture’s foundations lie upon a strong value of Ride, Protect & Share. All Picture products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials. Style meets sustainability with Picture. There is no compromise.

One of the original Skate brands, we are excited to now bring you the latest women’s Santa Cruz fashion. Bringing you everything you love from Santa Cruz, bold prints, bright colours and ultimate skate style, now exclusively in our Truro store and online.

Pura Vida – Pure Life in Spanish. More than just a saying it’s a lifestyle. One that’s all about enjoying life’s little pleasures, slowing things down and living life to the fullest. Whilst these bracelets might seem simple in appearance, they in fact provide full-time jobs to artisans worldwide who handcraft these beautiful pieces, providing them with a stable career and future.

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